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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm Back!

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my daughter-in-law and grandchildren a few weeks ago.  Who wouldn't love spending time in Savannah?  I brought my laptop with me hoping to get some Studio J layouts done and maybe even update my blog, but I forgot what it was like to have little ones around.  Our days were full of fun and sun.  We started our days early and ended late.  Did I get those things done I wanted to?  No I most definitely did not, but I had the best time playing with those kids.  I will never forget going to The Pink House in Savannah with my granddaughter and spending an evening just talking with my grandson while we relaxed on the lanai. I was so happy to go to a baseball game and a softball game.  It brought back memories of when I used to go to their dad's games.  I didn't get many pictures taken and those of you who know me know that that is not what usually happens.  But sometimes it's even more than the pictures.  Those memories will be with me forever.  I am so blessed to have had this blessing. 
I'm a little behind in watching the videos that Close To My Heart publishes, but I just watched this video and couldn't wait to share.  I love to learn tips about our products and this video shows you how to use our alcohol markers.   Enjoy!

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