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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Can Only Imagine!

Since I've been under the weather for a few days and haven't taken pictures or uploaded any of my creations, I thought I would show you a video of One of our Close To My Heart consultants who won a three minute shopping spree in the Close To My Heart Warehouse.  Now that is a dream come true.  She really grabbed a lot of loot!  Wait till you see where she carried it all!!  What a laugh. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


After watering my garden this morning I thought I would check on the status of the black raspberry bushes on our property.  You see, God knew that I absolutely love raspberries so He planted several bushes on our property.  Well, it could have been the birds, but God even cares about the sparrow right?  I digress.  Upon looking at the first clump of bushes I thought that I may have enough on the bush for a handful, as many of the berries are still not ripe.  I realized after a few minutes that I could not possibly hold all the berries in my hand, so I went along a small stretch of property and voila!  There were more and more bushes that I found along the way.  So here is a picture of my blessings from above.  I have learned to be happy in the little things.  This kind of makes up for my poor zucchini and summer squash plants who were attacked by vine borers.  I'm still trying to save three of them.  With God's help, I'll have enough zucchini to make zucchini relish this year!

But in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy these.....

Aren't they just beautiful?

Don't worry, I'll be going to my crafting corner tonight so that I can show you things I've created with the new products!  Ta Ta

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I spent this weekend with my 90 year old mother giving my sister and her husband a well-deserved rest.  It wasn't that long ago that Mom was living on her own in her own little mother-in-law apartment, but life changes.  She now lives in my sister's home and can only be left for short amounts of time as she is feeble and has fallen a few times. 

Mom repeats herself a lot now and mainly speaks about events that happened 70-80 years ago.  As I sat with her and listened to the same stories over and over I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to ask questions.  This weekend I found out how my great grandparents met.  As she talked about different things that happened in her life, I was amazed at how much the world had changed since she was a little girl and the ice man came to her house to deliver the ice for the ice box.  I could see what life was like for a little girl who lived with her grandparents and enjoyed a ride around the block in the back of a grain delivery truck.  She told me about so many things from her childhood and went on to how she and my dad met and married.  I was sad when I heard how difficult it was for her as a young wife and mother to wait for those letters to arrive from her soldier. She would faithfully write him and uplift him while he was away.  Her letters were read and sometimes things were censored on the letters she received from my Dad, which meant that they took a long time to arrive.  I know that she once told me that they had a secret code using numbers in the letters to help her find where he was.  They had devised this code using a map before he shipped overseas.  In one of his letters he shared with her that he had gone up in one of the bomber planes, she told him she did not like him doing that and did not want him to risk his life if he didn't have to. She said he never did it again.  But sometimes I wonder if he did and just didn't tell her.  She is amazed that I can email my sons anywhere they are, even when they are in Afghanistan. I can still see the smile on her face when my son called to wish her a Happy Mother's Day from that far away place.  She asked him are you calling me from way over in Afghanistan?   It was so cute.  My goal is to complete my heritage album this year.  I have started the album using the wedding pictures from my grandparents and parents, but now I feel like I can tell the story.  Hug your parents if you still have them and listen to them.  I wish I had listened more to my grandmother's stories or maybe just asked more questions.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012

New Workshops on The Go!

I love Close To My Heart.  They are always finding ways to make my life easier.  With the unveiling of the latest catalog, they have included two card workshops and a few cute projects for your home and a Halloween party!  No more will I be scrambling to find card patterns to include in my workshops.  This video will show you our two new home decor workshops available to all of us.  Oh boy, is my wish list long.  Sit back, enjoy, and start your own list!