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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Love This Company

What a surprise I had yesterday.  There was a package from Close To My Heart addressed to me.  I had shared on the company bulletin boards and asked if anyone had a problem with their Slate ink pad as mine would come out of the track every time I opened it.  There were a few posts, but no one seemed to have the same problem.  However,  after hearing that it would cost almost as much to send back the defective ink pad as to buy a new one, I stated that I would probably just buy a new one.  I wasn't upset.  Those things just happen.  Lo and behold.  This wonderful company I work for sent me a brand new Slate ink pad and an Avonlea compliments packet.  I was never expecting this.  I never even called the company.  Someone just read my post and made sure my ink pad was replaced and a little surprise was sent also.  I love this company.

Close To My Heart is always improving what is offered in our catalogs.  This year they have added card workshops, (I don't have to come up with my own any more) home decor, and an adorable Halloween party Workshop on the Go.  Here is a video that shows you all you can create with this exclusive paper pack.

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