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Sunday, October 21, 2012


I am blessed to live on 12 acres of beautiful forest land, my dream home.  I longed for a place in the woods just like this when I was just a little girl.  I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by woods and wanted the same thing when I grew up.  Last week I decided that I would take a few pictures of some of the beautiful views around us. 

These are a few photos of what I saw while taking a walk .

This is the view from the end of our driveway.

Beautiful colors all around.

The tote road that is perfect for 4-wheeling on an ATV. 

The sun peeking through the trees at sunset.

I love red Maple leaves.

The view as you emerge from the tote road onto our road.

I always loved birch trees.  I'm so glad we have so many.
Now I must  scrapbook and journal about this. I have the perfect paper and layouts using the Flirty paper pack.  Isn't that convenient?
Every Autumn day I come upon this beautiful scene on my way to work.  This year I decided to capture it in a photo.

I inherited my love of taking photos from my Dad.  I don't have many pictures of him because he was the one who was always taking the photos. I actually have a picture I took of one of our kid's birthday parties and all you can see is his arm and his camera.  Dad was never without his camera or a book.  He loved his cameras.  Do you remember the Polaroid instant camera?  I was always amazed to seer that picture appear.  Now we don't have to wait see the pictures we have taken.   Dad would be so amazed with our digital cameras of today.  And I know he would love them.  Thank you Dad for giving me this love of photography.  I hope that there will be someone else in our family who carries on this love.  I love you Dad and miss you.

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